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Mandatory Upgrade: X Marks the Spot

Ironic Iconic Studios
(Toronto, ON, Canada)
One More Story Games
(Barrie, ON, Canada)

Release date:
Q1 2016

Story Worlds


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CDN 3.99


In X Marks the Spot, the first in the Mandatory Upgrade series of games, you assume the role of Special Agent Rachel Varley, a new agent fresh out of training and thrown into the middle of an investigation of a suspicious death at the West Harbour Complex, the Central Canadian headquarters of the North American Security and Intelligence Agency. As Special Agent Varley, you will have to use your wits and technical prowess to unravel the mystery of why a mechanized SWAT suit suddenly ran amok and killed a fellow agent. You won’t be alone in this task though, you will be assisted by your drone Osprey and your Virtual Personal Assistant, the always sassy Brigid. Will you be able to get to the heart of the mystery and still manage to escape in one piece?


Story Worlds was devised by One More Story Games as a way to create narrative-focused storytelling games and deliver them to a wide audience through traditional casual game platforms, such as smartphones and tablets. Ironic Iconic Studios saw Story Worlds as the perfect venue to release X Marks the Spot as the game addresses both the rising demand for story-based games while being playable within a few hours time to reflect the trend towards shorter, more compact experiences.

Development began in July 2015 with a discussion between Ironic Iconic Studios and One More Story Games around what would be an appropriate first game for Story Worlds. Studio heads Chris Tihor and Jean Leggett agreed that a sequel to the short story that Chris shared with Jean and featured the character of Rachel Varley would be a good place to start.


  • Players explore the near-future sci-fi world of Mandatory Upgrade through the eyes of Rachel Varley, a resourceful government agent.
  • Interact with an eclectic cast of characters as you expose the hidden corruption at the West Harbour Complex.
  • Short playing time (2+ hours) for a more casual, compact, play experience.
  • Features original artwork by Julia Harrison and Alistair Murphy.
  • A full 20+ minute long soundtrack by electronic musician Steven G. Saunders.


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About Ironic Iconic Studios and One More Story Games

Ironic Iconic Studios was founded 2003 in Victoria, BC, Canada by Chris Tihor and has been making games ever since. Their clients include Talespinners, Harebrained Schemes, Tap Tap Tap, and Headless Chicken Games. In 2016 they moved to Toronto, Ontario as a part of a very slow cross-country tour. That year also marked the launch of their first in-house video game: Mandatory Upgrade: X Marks the Spot.

One More Story Games was founded by husband and wife team Blair and Jean Leggett in 2013. They are self-described geeks about games (digital and board), books, and film. After 10 years at Electronic Arts (Vancouver) and Zynga (San Francisco, Dallas), Blair returned to his hometown of Barrie, Ontario to start his dream games company. If Blair is the visionary, Jean is the evangelist- together, they have trained 18 co-op programming students from Georgian College and raised over $250,000 to develop their interactive story game publishing platform StoryStylus.

X Marks the Spot Credits

Chris Tihor, Ironic Iconic Studios

Julia Harrison
Concept Artist/Artist – artbyjuliaharrison.com

Alistair Murphy

Steven G Saunders
Music Composer – mrzoth.bandcamp.com

Blair Leggett